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Mouldings Make the Room!
More and more decorators, designers and homeowners alike are rediscovering the unbeatable decorating potential of mouldings. One can even say that when it comes to bringing a room together, mouldings are now considered to be just as important as paint, fabrics and accessories.

To meet this renewed demand for mouldings, Boulanger has added five new collections to its catalogue, each one created with today’s décors in mind. These collections offer something for every taste and budget: casings, baseboards, crowns and chair rails in various species of solid or jointed wood, as well as in fibreboard (MDF).

 LilyTrim : Moldings that Are Young at Heart!!!    We are pleased to introduce an exciting new range of mouldings for children... and for those who are young at heart! Our 9 baseboard designs will appeal to young and old alike, and add a youthful touch to children's rooms, nurseries, offices, teen bedrooms... Just imagine the possibilities! Make a bold statement and be among the first in Canada to have these eye-catching mouldings—available only from Boulanger!

Embassy panel ceilings
With Boulanger's AIR Collection MDF mouldings !
This ingenious suspended ceiling concept is ideal for consumers who want to create a unique and contemporary look that strays from the traditional systems that are currently available on the market… while being affordable!

Air CollectionGET FRESH
With Boulanger's AIR Collection MDF mouldings !

Take your creativity to new heights with the embossed wood mouldings in our new Textures Collection. They are an ideal way to add a refined, original touch to any décor… or piece of furniture, for that matter. Looking for patterns with a rustic, Zen, Incan or African influence? The many new models in our Textures Collection are incredibly rich in contrast and intensity. The collection’s mouldings, arabesques, base blocks, rosettes, rope mouldings and preassembled corners are available in white wood, pine or oak, and are ready for painting or staining. Talk about great allies for one’s creativity!

Inspired by the current trend for green materials and the return to solid wood doors, the mouldings in our Nature Collection are making pine fashionable again - and rightfully so. Ideal for emphasizing a room’s rustic ambiance, these products will imbue any space with timeless warmth and beauty - whether you opt for the finesse of smaller mouldings or prefer the boldness of more accentuated profiles. What’s more, these knotty solid pine mouldings are available in nine different profiles. Each one can be stained in a wide range of colours, ranging from the traditional to the audacious.

Contemporary CollectionELEGANCE, PURE AND SIMPLE
One interesting characteristic of the Contemporary Collection lies in the fact that a single moulding can be used both as a casing and as a baseboard. The six different MDF profiles in this collection are easy to cut and are ready to be painted. The result? The understated elegance of seamless lines that is so sought-after these days. Yes, even in the most minimalist décors, mouldings play an important - and gorgeous - role!

The only limit to the classic rectangle is that of your imagination. Starting with these extremely simple mouldings, one can create a multitude of highly refined décors that will never go out of style. Use them to infuse a bland wall with personality, add subtle depth to a ceiling or accentuate the presence of a mantelpiece… The jointed pine mouldings of our Revelation Collection are ready to turn any idea into reality! Their amazing versatility makes it easy to create visual effects that will add a distinctive zest to any interior

At Boulanger, we never stop innovating! With these latest collections, Boulanger has fully entered the strong shift toward decorating and by doing so, has once again highlighted the unlimited potential of mouldings for today’s décors.

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